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About The Band

THUDD are an energetic rock band, who piqued the interest of Grammy award-winning producer, Pete Smith (Stevie Wonder, The Police, Cheryl Crow, Van Morrison) and John Gallen (Queen, Motorhead, The Damned), who collaborated on their new release “What Once Was” and three follow-up tracks. The four members of THUDD found each other, and a mutual connection in rock, whilst studying in Brighton. They have combined their individual influences ranging from Volbeat to Within Temptation and Arctic Monkeys to create their own powerful, modern take on classic, wall of sound, anthems.

Jack Brown


Born in Basildon, Essex, Jack has been in love with music his whole life, with some of his most treasured childhood memories involving dancing with his family to bands like Nirvana, Kings of Leon and Radiohead. Its from bands like this, as well as The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and The Smiths that Jack draws inspiration, especially in his lyrics. Jack has been performing since he was a young child and has always enjoyed being on stage doing what he loves, and hopefully creating a great experience for his audience.


Ben Arrowsmith


Ben’s love for heavy music stemmed from a young age but after playing guitar for a few years he found a passion for bass when listening to bands which utilised bass in a creative yet effective way. With influences such as Nolly Getgood, Jordan Eberhardt and Arif Mirabdolbaghi, Ben takes a strong interest in progressive metal and uses this to drive his use of innovative techniques and basslines which have been the back bone of THUDD's latest music, as well as his own solo project - Feed the Fallacy.

Matt Flood


Matt started learning drums at the age of 8, and 12 years later he is still drumming. His musical journey has taken him from orchestral music to heavy rock, and everywhere in between. Starting his career in his hometown of Brighton, Matt has been inspired by infamous drummers such as Benny Greb and Neil Peart, and has displayed his love for music and drumming by following in their footsteps. As well as drums, Matt has recently delved into the world of music production, releasing his first two albums Aurora and Terraformation Vol. 1 in 2015 and 2017 respectively, with his 2020 single “Holding On” being his latest solo release. He uses his experience with both drums and music technology to create both inventive drum patterns, as well as contributing synth parts and electronic elements to the band.



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